‘Angry man’ visits churches between shows

by Gazette Reporter
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BEST known for his role as Corrie villain Frank Foster, Andrew Lancel is now making his mark on stage in Twelve Angry Men.

For anyone on the road, living in hotels and out of suitcases, there are few typical days.
Lancel takes this in his stride as he tours the UK and Ireland alongside veteran actor Tom Conti.
He starts his day early with a Skype call from his seven-year-old son, Isaac, and his wife, Louise.
“We have our breakfast together and always have a chat before he goes to school in the morning when I am on tour.
“It’s a great way to catch up and after that I would take it easy, maybe snooze a little or look at the news. I read a lot too, so I might do that,” he said.
A day on tour could include interviews with the local press about the show.
Then he concentrates on his work with his production company, Quarry Street, before checking out the town where the play is being performed.
“I am quite churchy and one of the good things about being on tour is that it’s great to go to different places and visit amazing cathedrals, and different places.
“I am a stickler for art galleries so I will try to get one in before heading to the theatre.
“There is a lot of energy involved in this play; there are 12 of us, and we all get on really well so we would see each other out and about, go to the pub and go for dinner together and things.”
Getting to theatre an hour before show time, he has a shave.
“I have a little routine that I do.
“The character speaks in a different accent [New York] and is very physical so I would practise that – a little warm up.
“Then I…walk the stage, sometimes for quite a while if it’s a new stage, look at sight lines to get used to it.”
He may go to the pub with other cast members afterwards or relax in front of the TV and chat with family.
Twelve Angry Men is at Bord Gais Energy Theatre from March 16 to 21.
See www.bordgaisenergytheatre.ie for ticket details.

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