Allegation of racism as students blocked at bar

by Aisling Kennedy

A GROUP of South African students who are living and studying in Dublin were allegedly refused entry into a well-known pub in the city centre over the bank holiday weekend due to their skin colour.
The pals, who included Ezile and Anathi Phela, tried to gain entry into the pub on Sunday evening, but were allegedly told by the security guard on the door that there were “no blacks allowed”.
Ezile said on RTE’s Liveline: “We spoke to him to see if he was being serious or if maybe there was a language problem, but it was not a joke – not at all.
“I was denied access to a place because of my skin colour.”
Ezile, who is currently studying for a Master’s degree in International Development at UCD, said that the three students then asked to speak to the manager of the pub to find out what was happening but the security man refused to get the manager.
Ezile took matters into her own hands and asked the shop assistant in a nearby shop to get the manager for them.
The manager came out and Ezile said: “He came out, told us about the admissions policy and said they have a right not to disclose the reasons why they deny access to people. It was my first time experiencing such racism.”
The students went to a nearby Garda station to report the incident but were asked to return on Tuesday to make a statement.
When asked about the alleged events, a spokesperson for the Gardai said: “We cannot comment on, confirm or deny matters concerning named individuals or business premises.”
The City Gazette also rang the pub in question and spoke to the manager.
He said: “We’re not making any comment at this moment in this time. We’re undecided as yet, what position we are in currently.”

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