An algorithm for balance in a busy life

by Gazette Reporter

IT’S hard for many to peel themselves out of bed in the mornings but for presenter Ray Foley, catching the first worm in the wee hours of the morning is something he has gotten used to.

Being a radio presenter, TV presenter and father-of-two, it seems Foley has managed to balance his busy lifestyle with ease.
Currently working on his new game show, The Algorithm, which sees contestants go up against a computer to see who knows their friend better, Foley managed to take a breather during TV3’s autumn programme launch to speak to The Gazette about a day in his life.
“Generally my day, based on the radio show, sees me get up at 5am to be in work for 6am. I wouldn’t be a breakfast person at all.
“I am generally one of these people who doesn’t eat until they get hungry, which is really bad.
“Then I do the radio show until about 10am, I would usually have a coffee or a muffin during the show or something like that.
“Then it’s into meetings and I would try to get out by about lunchtime. Then after the show I would get something to eat.
“On the TV show I wouldn’t be working in radio on the same day. We film two shows a day, I would be in for midday and then finish up at about 8pm, that would include rehearsals, meeting contestants and then filming the shows,” he explained.
The one thing he likes to do with his free hours is spend time with his two children and also get sneaky rest periods whenever he can.
“When I finish up the radio show I get home about 1pm and my eldest is two-and-half now and he is still napping during the day, hopefully he is going to keep it up until he is about 20!
“And my youngest is nearly two months now, so between the two of them they are napping pretty well between 12pm and 2pm so generally I get home about 1pm so I would hope to get an hour’s kip but any later I don’t get a snooze. Then we just spend the day together.
“The great thing about working on a breakfast show, it probably is the only good thing about working so early, is that you get to come home in the afternoon and spend time with the kids and actually parent for a bit,” he laughed.
When he gets home he cooks dinner before watching his favourite show, the 6.01 news on RTE, and then it’s off to bed early at about 9pm.
Foley’s new show The Algorithm, set to air in early 2015, is one of a number of new shows coming up on TV3.

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