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THE past five years have seen a surge in the sales of crossovers – an influx of more affordable, and more emission-friendly cars across the board has meant that many people – particularly young families – are being attracted by the extra space and versatility that these vehicles can offer.
Opel’s Mokka may be one of the award-winning brand’s lesser spotted models, but on paper it seems to have plenty of potential, so we took it on a test drive.
Sitting up on 18” alloys, the Mokka looks like the pumped-up older brother of Opel’s more popular Corsa. Designed more for practicality than style, the Mokka’s broad frame serves to bolster a sense of security and sturdiness.
Large bi-xenon headlights set off a chirpy front grille at the front, and while the more chunky looking rear may be simple on the outside, it hides one of the Mokka’s better features.
Up to 1,372 litres of boot space (that’s including dropping the rear seats) means that the Mokka offers plenty of room for a compact crossover.
Roominess is something that this model does well, with a decent amount of head and leg space in the back row.
The dash will feel familiar to anyone who has driven Opel’s Astra. The Intellilink entertainment system that is standard in many of Opel’s range was fitted in the model we took out.
While it’s perfectly functional, its plethora of buttons looks a little complex next to the newer and cleaner touchscreen systems that Opel has introduced in its latest range, but expect that to be overhauled in the next generation of Mokka.
With the current generation, there is the choice of 1.4- or 1.6-litre diesel engines, and four different trims starting from €20,995 for the most basic.
The SE model we took out was fitted with the 1.6-litre engine and proved to be plenty of power for getting around town.
While the Mokka has 4-wheel drive options, realistically, this is not the kind of car that is going to go off-road.
The current generation of Mokka utilises Opel’s “whisper diesel” engine that significantly reduces the amount of in-cabin engine noise.
Emission-friendly, it also drops the Mokka into the much more attractive A4 tax band, which works out at €200 per year.
With the potential of plenty of driver luxuries, including a descent control system (if you do decide to venture off the beaten path), hill start assist, and adaptive lighting, the Mokka turns out to be a pretty enjoyable ride.
For those seeking the more diminutive crossovers, the market may ultimately turn into a niche one – with the Mokka poised to be a big fish in a small pond.
(Base model from €20,995; test model, €30,561.)

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