A little speaker that whips up a big e-Storm

by Gazette Reporter

Britain’s Bitmore have been earning a reputation over the last few years of being manufacturers of genuinely solid state technology, and Gazette Music were intrigued when we heard about their new e-Storm Superbass Speaker.

Having been awarded the RedDot design award in 2012, the reviews and word of mouth about this speaker stopped us in our tracks. But that was the last time the tracks stopped since our e-Storm arrived, as it has been wall-to-wall music as we tested its capabilities with everything we could think to throw at it.

From its Apple-esque unboxing experience, the e-Storm surprises and delights. It is a deliciously compact and surprising piece of bluetooth audio tech.

At a teeny six by six by five cm in size, its silver and black frame packs a surprising weight which gives a vivid hint that it packs a punch well above its division.

Having purchased a similarly-sized speaker as a birthday present recently, the e-Storm knocked it out clean, with its crisp clarity and deep bass capability.

Simply and quickly connected via Bluetooth and charged via USB connection, the e-Storm was up and running in seconds. It also has an SD slot for cards up to 8GB, and a headphone jack connection if bluetooth is not available.

But how does the speaker perform under laboratory conditions? Well, last week’s immense Kanye West album, Yeezus, was first up to the plate, and the e-Storm more than coped with its complexities and low frequencies.

More nuanced works like Bon Iver and The Blue Nile hold all of their gentle majesty.

Being a podcast afficionado, Gazette Music’s shower listening tends to mean taking tech into the bathroom, which has its own dangers. This makes the e-Storm a waterproof joy, as no longer do we need to worry about condensation damaging built-in speakers.

This is genuinely an all-occasions microspeaker.It makes no sense that such a small speaker at its very affordable price point could be this good, but it is, and that makes it a solid recommendation for music lovers.

The e-Storm is available from bitmore.co.uk for £49.99 plus shipping.

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