by Dave O'Connor

A busy blogger who is always on the go

IRELAND’s leading fashion and beauty blogger Suzanne Jackson of So Sue Me is one busy woman.

From running her successful blog to starting her own beauty brand, running workshops, maintaining a large social media following and public appearances, Jackson somehow manages to squeeze it all in. The Gazette caught up with her to discuss what a day in her hectic life entails.

She has just returned from fundraising for charities close to her heart, Dogs Aid and Dogs Trust and says: “I’ve been raising money for this in the run-up to Christmas. There are always a lot of unwanted dogs around this time so they need the extra support.”

As for a typical day in her life? Well, there isn’t one.

She usually starts each day the same way: “I get up in the morning and I always have breakfast, which gets me ready for the day and gives me energy. I work from home – I did have an office but I just felt that I was more productive at home.”

Jackson then sets about organising her emails: “I’ll sit down and spend about an hour on emails. I have a PA who goes through them for me and marks important ones that I need to get back to. Then I will get myself ready and go about my day.

“Generally speaking, I could be going to an appearance so I’ve got to get full glam; I’ll do my hair and make-up and then travel to whatever event I’m appearing at.

“I’ll then usually spend about an hour there, just meeting with other guests or doing a talk depending on the type of event.”

The later part of the day usually sees Jackson attending another event. “I would usually have a launch party to attend, like the launch of a new make-up palette for example, or a film premier.”

Last week, she was a judge at Ms Universe Ireland and before that she appeared as a guest host on TV3’s Xpose, which she loved even though it was somewhat nerve wracking to present one of the country’s most popular shows. “I was really nervous because it’s a show I’ve always watched, and I’ve always looked up to the girls there and admired it for years.”

Later in the day, Jackson blogs and manages her social media. “When I come home in the evening, I blog. I’ll probably have my dinner around six and then blog from around seven till 11 at night. This involves scheduling Facebook posts for the next day and writing blog posts. Then I check my emails one more time and go to bed!”

She rarely gets a chance to switch off, especially with the number of social media followers she has, particularly on snapchat where she gets about 65,000 views a snap.

“It’s so immediate, it’s so interactive and it’s a more personal way to connect with followers.” she likes to unwind by eating out with her friends and family. Her favourite spots are Siam Thai in Malahide and Blue Bar in Skerries. “I manage to fit it in, I have a very active lifestyle. I’m always out and about.”

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