Put a little step in your spring!

by Gazette Reporter
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THE clocks have gone forward meaning flat ballet shoes are making their way back to our feet to relieve us of boots and Uggs worn to death over the cold months of winter.

Ok, ok, we are in Ireland so boots and Uggs will always be within hand’s reach – and wellies from time to time – but flat shoes are always handy to have for comfort and, of course, style.

Worn with skinny jeans or dainty dresses, they are the perfect answer to keeping feet on trend in any season.

This week, Gazette Style takes a little look at some of the ballet shoes and pumps making headlines in shops across the city.

For those who like a little height, we haven’t left you out. Wedges are always a great alternative to stilettos offering height and comfort – two features petite women love to hear in any shoes. Here are a few to consider with this month’s wages.

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