Try new ways to get fit and put a spring in your step

by Gary Ibbotson

Alternative forms of exercise are on the rise, with more and more people wanting to get their heartbeat racing without partaking in sports they have no interest in.

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t enjoy the gym or playing sports such as football or GAA, but would still like to improve your fitness, here are some activities that will certainly make you break a sweat…


Not exactly the first activity you think of when wanting to get fit, but Kansas State University found that gardening can improve self-esteem and upper-body strength – depending, of course, on how strenuously you partake in the activity.

Digging holes, bending over or reaching to prune or trim hedgerows and weeds can certainly get a sweat on, and all that fresh air and sunshine can improve your mental well-being, too.


Harry Potter fans will certainly be familiar with this once-fictional wizarding sport. First appearing in the books, quidditch (left) consists of flying broomsticks, lethal bludgers and a golden snitch that instantly gave the team that caught it an extra 50 points – essentially winning the game.

In real life, quidditch is played by many teams across Ireland, the UK and Europe, with a quidditch premier league now in the pipeline.

Rock climbing:

An ever growing pastime here in Dublin, rock climbing walls can be found in Sandyford, Ballymun, Tallaght, UCD, Trinity University and more.

An endurance and upper-body testing activity, rock climbing is extremely fun but can get challenging once you advance to more difficult walls with spaced out footholds and odd angles.

Most centres are open until 10pm during the week, and all will have supervisors on hand to help you get to grasps with the basics.

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