Tiernan’s Ireland ambition powered by family support

by Karl Graham
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LIFFEY Celtics is something of a family affair for rising star Sorcha Tiernan.
Her father is the chairman of the club and her sister plays alongside her on the team but its not something they were born into.
“My sister started off in the academy when she was seven or eight and then I just sort of naturally followed her at Liffey Celtics,” Tiernan told the Gazette after the launch of the Subway All-Ireland Schools Cup basketball season.
“Neither of my parents played basketball but it just happened that we fell in love with it and we both still play a lot. My younger brother plays as well. We tried every sport when we were younger, but it just happened to be the one we all stuck with.”
Tiernan has been kept busy both on and off court this year as she prepares to sit her Leaving Certificate next June, while playing basketball for her school, club and country.
She will compete for her school Colaiste Chiarain Leixlip in the Under-19 A semi-final come January and lines out for the Celtics’ Super League and Under-20 sides, as well as donning the green jersey at both senior and Under-18 level.
“It can be hard at times to juggle but you just have to make sure that you are prepared for everything; like you have your homework done on time. Most of the time, my teachers are quite understanding if I am going to matches and stuff like that.
“You just know that school is very important this year but basketball is obviously very important to me too so I just have to make sure that I am prepared for both of them,” said Tiernan.
The world is still at the feet of the 18-year-old but college is something high on her agenda.
“I want to go to college so I’m kind of in the process of trying to decide what I want to do at the moment. I really like maths so I’m thinking actuarial or engineering or something along those lines. Obviously, that is points-dependent so I’ll see how I get on throughout the year.”
Where she will attend college is still up in the air but one thing for sure is that she wants it to be in Ireland.
“I was talking to a few schools at the start of the year but I’m unsure if I really want to go away. I think I would probably like to stay at home and go to school in Ireland so that’s where my head is at the moment.”
Tiernan was involved as Celtics’ won the women’s super league for the first time in their 14-year history last season.
“We are quite a young club so it is great to see how well we are doing especially at senior level. At underage level, our teams are generally near the top of the Dublin leagues every year.
“It’s great to be able to play for your club team at such a high level with so many players who have come up through the club,” Tiernan concluded.

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