Tarf success beyond ‘wildest dreams’

by Gazette Reporter
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Clontarf manager Mick Cronin says it was a dream come true to see his players hit their stride in an All-Ireland final as they became the first Dublin team to win the ladies football intermediate club title.

“In my wildest dreams I didn’t think we’d win by the score we won by, or perform like we performed in the night that was in it,” said Cronin.

“The second half performance was absolutely outstanding. It’s a great credit to them and the work they’ve put in over the last number of years. Especially the last 11 months, where they’ve really, really put their heads down.

“Trained and performed in every game that we’ve asked them to. Really, really proud.”

He paid particular tribute to soccer international Siobhan Killeen who was immense in the forward lines.

“You get the ball into Siobhan and you know she’s going to finish it. As I said, you’ve got to get the ball into her and the ball was perfect,” said Cronin.

“There’s a lot of hard work goes on out the field to get that space open in front of Siobhan for her to finish. She’s the finisher, she’s brilliant at it and she really did a wonderful job.

“But there’s 24 other girls in the squad who really worked hard as well.”

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