History: Story of Dublin football out now

by Aaron Dunne
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Football fans and history buffs alike can now educate themselves on all things Dublin soccer after a ‘fascinating’ and ‘comprehensive’ history of the sport in the capital has been published. 

Conor Curran’s Soccer and Society in Dublin: A History of Association Football in Ireland’s Capital is the first full-length assessment of the history of soccer in Dublin and attempts to explore the game’s role within society in the city.

The book examines the sport’s growth in a football mad city from the late 1800s to the early twenty-first century.

Discussed are its belated initial development while the origins of Dub clubs, competitions and venues are all explored.

The also assesses the growth of underage structures and looks into the significance of links with Britain and further afield. As well as tracing the movement of players at home and abroad, it highlights the tensions between organizers of soccer and other sporting codes in Dublin.

Utilizing interviews with players, managers and supporters, as well as drawing on archival material, it also looks at the importance of soccer within the lives of Dublin’s residents, which in turn sets

 puts football’s history and relationship to Dublin the context of other parts of Ireland and within wider developments in international cities.Copies of Curran’s new book were released in bookshops this week. 

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