Westmanstown tribute to Twomey

by Dave Donnelly

Family and friends of Detective Jerome Twomey in attendance in Westmanstown to witness the renaming of the Garda GAA club grounds in honour of its longtime caretaker.

Twomey, a Garda of 32 years before taking up a full-time role maintaining the club’s extensive grounds, tragically passed away in December of last year.

Sons Jerome and Mark and daughter Elaine were among the esteemed guests at the Garda club to witness the renaming of the grounds in honour of their late father.

Dublin football manager Jim Gavin, a former manager of the Garda side, and County Board chief executive John Costello were among the 500 adults and children in attendance.

Twomey, who was originally from White’s Cross in Cork, became involved in the Garda club after moving to Dublin as a young man and soon became its heart and soul.

The Pearse Street detective was intimately involved when the club opted to open up membership to those outside the Garda ranks and formally link with juvenile club Westmanstown Gaels.

There were few roles in the club Twomey didn’t fulfil at one point or another as he was variously groundskeeper, kitman, photographer and sometimes even an auxiliary medic.

“Jerome Twomey was a member of the Garda GAA club for all of his 32 years’ service with the guards in Dublin,” said friend and Garda club PRO Eugene O’Sullivan.

“He was the typical GAA man that every club has – somebody who looked after the pitches meticulously, lined the grounds, put up the nets, looked after the flags, washed the jerseys.

“He did everything about the place. He took great pride in what he was doing. He was just the life and soul of the place over the years.

“He was an excellent photographer. He was a medic occasionally. He was just everything that you would want in a true Gael and a good GAA man.

“It was an easy decision to name the grounds after him.

“It was bittersweet, but nevertheless his name will be on the grounds for eternity and he’ll always be remembered.”

Perhaps Twomey’s greatest legacy will be the provision of the grounds for the rapidly-expanding community around Westmanstown.

“We felt it wouldn’t be right to have those great facilities and not share them with the local community.”

The new generation of Westmanstown Gaels were treated to face-to-face time with Gavin, fresh on the back of the Dubs’ historic fifth successive All-Ireland.

“Jim is a former manager of the Garda club going back 10-12 years ago and he regularly turns up at club functions.

“He took time out to talk to some of the underage teams, and it’s a mark of the man that he would do that. They hold him in great awe and great respect after the five-in-a-row.

“Jim is a great GAA man – he can mix it at all levels, from the elite level and clubs down to grassroots and kids.”

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