Residents who fear heavy traffic through their estate will put children’s lives at risk are urging their local authority not to close the R121 in Dublin 15.

Fingal County Council is proposing to close the road although the newly-introduced 40E bus route has a stop on it to serve commuters living in Hollystown.

Residents of Hollywoodrath estate say the closure will force heavy traffic through their estate, which does not have the infrastructure to cope with the influx.

The council has started a public consultation process with plans on display at Blanchardstown Civic Offices until December 28, and submissions invited until January 11.

To date, there have been 46 submissions, with just four in favour and the rest against closing the road. The matter will come back before area councillors for consideration early in the New Year.

One objector warned: “There are kids aged between two and ten years that play around the estate. There is already a need for speed ramps and traffic-calming measures.”

Several more agreed and pointed out that the area had been crying out for a direct bus link for more than a decade. The 40E linking Tyrrelstown and Hollystown with the Luas terminus at Broombridge is described as a “vital link”.

Another objector points out that the road provides easy access to the back roads, making it easier to navigate north Dublin especially during peak hours.

Yet another notes: “The closure of that road will further isolate the community of Hollystown from the shops, schools and facilities in Tyrrelstown.”

Meanwhile, those in favour say the R121 is a dangerous road with blind spots and sharp corners and there is a dual carriageway providing local access to Tyrrelstown which adds just minutes to the journey.

In previous local area plans the council stated its intention to make the road a cul-de-sac and incorporate it with Hollywoodrath. However, the estate has not yet been taken in charge.

Cllr Tania Doyle (Ind) urged local residents to have their say on the issue. She told Dublin Gazette: “It is always about what the majority of residents want and what is clearly in the public interest and benefit.”