DSPCA to investigate “worst case in seven years”

by Sylvia Pownall
Ivy and Duke

The DSPCA is investigating what it describes as “the worst case of mange seen in seven years” after taking in two dogs abandoned outside the Fingal pound.

The dogs, a Labrador and a German Shepherd, were found tied up outside Ashtown pound and were in such poor health that staff had to notify the DSPCA.

Vets reported that the five-year-old Lab Ivy had an extreme case of mange, open wounds on her legs caused by pressure sores, untreated abscesses and a heart murmur.

The neglected animal is limping from an old injury and the untreated mange – a skin disease caused by parasites causing severe itching and hair loss – has left her almost bald.

The German Shepherd also has a bad case of mange and a number of open sores but the DSPCA vet team said she is generally in good health.

A fundraising page entitled Help Ivy & Duke Back to Health has been set up on Facebook which tells readers the dogs are now “safe after months of neglect”.

It adds: “We named this little soul Ivy. She was in such a horrific condition that we were unable to identify what breed she was and only when we checked her microchip did we discover she was a black Labrador.

“Ivy has the sweetest nature, her tail never stops wagging [despite] the pain and suffering from a horrendous case of mange, massive growth on her shoulder, puncture wounds all over her body and legs, heart murmur and arthritis.

“Duke has also been checked over by our veterinary team, he also has sores all over his body, is slightly underweight and with a milder case of mange. Both these dogs will be under veterinary care for a number of weeks and possibly months.”

An investigation into the case is currently under way and the DSPCA has asked that anyone with information get in touch so that those responsible can be prosecuted.

Anyone with information about the incident has been asked to email inspectors@dspca.ie.

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