BOXING: Byrne steers new dawn for Dublin Boxing

Jay Byrne wants Dublin boxing to start doing it for itself.

by Jonny Stapleton
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The Loughlinstown native officially hung up his gloves this year but hasn’t put away his managerial equipment.

In fact, the 37-year-old, who had ‘The Negotiator’ ring moniker due to the fact he managed himself and others during his pugilist career, has ramped up his interest in the business side of boxing.

The former Bray Wanderers footballer is now a promoter and runs his first show under the JB Promotions banner at the Red Cow on November 3.

The 37-year-old’s first card is a quickly put-together bill put in place to allow some of those who felt ill effects of the fall of two September shows to get rounds under their belt.

However, Byrne assures things will be run professionally as will all his shows and says the card next month will mark the start of a new era for Irish and Dublin boxing in particular.

The former BUI and BBBofC Celtic champion has six shows booked and in place for 2024 and wants to help build a vibrant domestic scene.

Byrne is targeting regular quality shows and events to match what the big-name promoters put on across the Irish sea. He first plans to bring a big-time feel to the small hall circuit but has arena ambitions of his own. Indeed, the Dubliner wants to grow JB Promotions to such a level that Dublin boxing will no longer rely on Eddie Hearn or the like to bring big time boxing to the capital.  

“Why can’t we bring back the Bernard Dunne era? We had a successful scene here before and with the talent that is in Ireland, we could have it again,” said Byrne at a press conference last week.

“I know there is work to be done to get to that stage but I’m willing to put in the graft and build something for the sport here. Let’s stop depending on Matchroom, Queensberry, and the like for big-time boxing here in Ireland. We can develop our own scene and build stars from within Dublin, stars and names that become arena and stadium headline acts,” he adds before discussing his vision further.

“I want the shows to be events that everyone can enjoy. I don’t want people coming to watch one fighter and then going home. I want them to stay for the show be entertained and enjoy the atmosphere.”

 I also want fighters to be involved in fights that will attract fans. If they are ready they should fight each other and try to win domestic titles.”

 Byrne’s first card will host the return of former world title challenger Luke Keeler. Jake Hanney and Tony McGylnn. Eddie Treacy also have comeback fights while Oisin Treacy, Matthew Tyndall, Glenn Byrne, and Sean Murray will make their debuts.


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