Bohs launch innovative new climate action project

by Rose Barrett
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Bohemians Football Club has launched ‘The Bohemian Way’, a project aimed at drawing in the wider football community to develop a culture of co-operative climate change through some diverse creativity, writes Rose Barrett. 

A collaborative effort between Bohemian FC, local community organisations, and environmental groups, The Bohemian Way’s centrepiece entails a new free smartphone app, which invites users to make a guided tour through Dublin 7 – a tour that combines history, music and culture, and some climate change awareness! 

The launch was a lively event held on Saturday last, March 18 starting at the Bandstand in the Phoenix Park, featuring music and poetry performances from Lewis Kenny, Laura Quirke, Louise Gaffney and Kez. The tour ended up at Dalymount Park, home to Bohs where further entertainment was provided by James Lonergan, Dagogo Hart and the Accidental Rapper. 

Seán McCabe, Head of Climate Justice and Sustainability at Bohemian FC said: “The app is full of things for users to discover. The idea is that among the music, poetry and histories, people will also discover practical ways to engage in climate action in their community collectively and, hopefully, more people will sign up to participate.” 

Bohs fans and those who sign up to use the free App can discover the history of the football club, some history of Dublin’s inner city while also learning about ways to reduce climate change and support the local environment. The app is the latest initiative by the club to increase their impact on the community.

Bohemian FC COO Daniel Lambert said: “The Bohemian Way project reflects our commitment to contribute to a more socially and environmentally responsible community in D7 and beyond.  Bohs is founded on a spirit of cooperation, creativity and active citizenship” he said.

The club further provides Christmas gifts to children in Direct Provision, along with fundraising to donate Bohs soccer kit to children in Palestine, along with other community focused initiatives.

Tania Banotti, Director of Creative Ireland which funded The Bohemian Way, said: “The Bohemian Way project demonstrates how an array of creativity can come together to demonstrate and encourage collaboration in the face of climate change.” For more information about the Bohemian Way project, see

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