Monkstown BC innovate to kickstart latest boxing journeys

by Stephen Findlater

TWENTY-SIX Monkstown Boxing Club members showed innovation and dedication to complete an eight-week beginners course this week. 

With restrictions in place, the club ran the eight weeks of training every Friday on Zoom, something the coaches were not used to but it worked out surprisingly well.  

Speaking about the method deployed, club coach JP Kinsella said: “The boxers did not get the usual padwork interaction but were able to work loads on technique and we could show them short videos of our other Monkstown Schoolboys and Schoolgirls boxers that have competed in Skills bouts/Dublin Leagues & Championships. 

“They could see what’s ahead in their boxing careers. We are really looking forward to working with these boxers and them represent our club for many years to come.  

“Huge credit to all the boxers and their parents; they adapted really well to the online sessions.” 

To mark completion of the course, the club held a “one boxer at a time” outdoor presentation and presented some of the boxers with a well-earned MBC medal, certificate and t-shirt. 

“We would like to thank DLRCC in particular our community officer Sandra Kelly who is always on hand to help our club, DLR Sports Partnership, DLR PPN Office, Joeys FC, our local sponsors and our community for their constant support,” Kinsella added. 

“Our next eight Week Beginners Boxing Course for Boys & Girls (age 8, 9, 10 and 11) will be starting Friday, April 30 outdoors in Dunedin park. We have over 30 boxers registrations already.  

“This is an introduction to Amateur Boxing, all the kids will learn the basics and skills.  

“At the end of the eight weeks, we will present each kid with a certificate, a medal and invite them to join our club proper going forward.” 

The course focuses on fitness, strength, footwork, coordination and discipline. 

To register, text your name and date of Birth to 085 1046037. 

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