KARATE: Two Dublin teenagers showed their warrior spirit to become the next generation of black belts

by Aaron Dunne
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In an open grading in front of family, friends and fellow students, Sean Smith (14) and Orla Phelan (16) went through an entire syllabus involving single techniques, combinations, partner work and kata (pre-arranged forms).

Every year thousands of men woman and children start a journey in the martial arts, with only an elite few making it to Black Belt level. Having trained in Wado Ryu (The Way of Harmony) Karate-do, Sean and Orla showed the poise, grace, power, and humility of a true warrior, and now joins a linage of black belts, in Elite Karate Academy. 

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Their instructor Sensei Gareth FitzGerald said: “I am incredibly proud of their achievement. For such a young age they have shown an incredible passion and commitment over the years, they have been on a journey to 

discover their true potential beyond fear, pain or ego.”

Sean Smith with Elite Karate  Academy Chief Instructor Sensei Gareth Fitzgerald & Ashling Hughes 

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