Griffin pleads on Council for Esker support

by Karl Graham

ED Griffin has hit out at the lack of funding for leisure facilities in Lucan as he encourages people in the area to contact their local politicians in a bid to finally secure enough funding to build the Esker Boxing clubhouse.
Esker spent six years fighting for somewhere to build their facility, finally achieving their aim earlier this year. However, they have yet to receive any funding for the build and club secretary Griffin has grown frustrated at the lack of investment for young people in the area.
“We must have turned away around 30 people over the last month who wanted to join the club,” Griffin told GazetteSport.
“We are completely restricted; we can’t take them because we are in the hall three nights a week. Those three nights are our only outlet.”
Despite having no secure home, the club have managed to build the biggest all-female competition in Europe with October’s Box Cup now in its fifth year.
Despite this success, Griffin and his colleagues have had to fight tooth and nail for their clubhouse.
“It turns my stomach because, on one hand, they give planning permission for 8,000 houses in Clonburris and there are housing estates going up without people even knowing planning permission has gone in for them,” said Griffin.
“We are hanging around for the last six years, turning kids away from getting into sport.
“On the other hand, South Dublin County Council are holding a health and wellbeing week. It’s all box ticking.”
It’s not just the club Griffin is fighting for. Lucan has long been lacking a sufficient number of facilities for an area of its size.
“Lucan gets absolutely nothing. They are putting a swimming pool in now after 40 years. Lucan has 35,000 people living in it and they are only now putting a swimming pool in. There is only one library.
“The politicians in Lucan need to stop sniping at each other on Facebook and get together. The councillors in Clondalkin and Tallaght get together and get stuff done for their area.”
Griffin pointed to the city centre area as an example of the difference in level of investment into facilities for young people
“I see clubs being built in the Dublin City Council area and they don’t even have a club in position yet. They are building clubs and asking coaches to come on board.”

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