Fairytale of New York

by Karl Graham

CONOR McGregor pulled off another media frenzy last weekend in New York, announcing he was to become a father for the first time.
It came shortly after the Crumlin man made UFC history by becoming the first fighter in the company’s history to hold titles in two different divisions at the same time.
It was to be a night for firsts as the UFC made its maiden New York appearance at the iconic Madison Square Garden.
McGregor stopped lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez in the second round and subsequently hung the American’s lost belt from the opposite shoulder to the one that already adorned the featherweight title he took from Jose Aldo in December of last year.
Referee John McCarthy stopped the fight after Alvarez was knocked to the canvas for the fourth time by McGregor with just under two minutes of the second round remaining.
Despite both men supposedly coming in at identical height and weight, the Dubliner held a five-inch reach advantage over his opponent and seemed like a much more imposing figure – dominating the fight from the off.
McGregor took no time unleashing his famous left-hand, landing it twice to leave Alvarez shook and afraid to get too close McGregor again. Alvarez prides himself on his wrestling game but the fear he now held seemed to prevent him from trying to take his opponent to the floor.
The third time Alvarez hit the canvas saw McGregor pounce on his opponent to try and finish him off with a ground and pound but the tough Philly man managed to survive the first round.
The second round saw Alvarez try to impose his game on McGregor but after a couple of failed takedowns the Irishman, now standing with his hands behind his back to lure in his opponent, unleashed a devastating three-punch combo.
Alvarez fell to the floor and McGregor pounced once more but the referee had seen enough and called an end to the bout, sending the thousands of Irish in New York into a frenzy of celebration.
In true McGregor fashion, he used his post fight platform to announce his girlfriend Dee was pregnant, insist he deserved a stake in the UFC, and goad his rivals even further by refusing to apologise for his antics.
“It has never been done before. Everything I have dreamed is a reality.
“I have spent a lot time of time slating everyone in the company. I have ridiculed the entire roster and I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, I want to take this opportunity to apologise…to absolutely nobody,” said McGregor.
With McGregor virtually having the run of the UFC, it remains to be seen who the SBG fighter will take on next.

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