Coming in like a Wrecking Ball for Quinn’s pro bow

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MARTIN Quinn is looking to make good on his “Wrecking Ball” nickname as the Crumlin man steps into a professional ring for the first time next weekend.
Quinn turns pro with Boxing Ireland Promotions and will debut on the record-breaking Celtic Clash 3 card at the National Stadium on Saturday, September 9 against Poland’s Marcin Ficner.
In a show headlined by a BUI Celtic featherweight title clash between Kildare’s unbeaten Eric Donovan and Welsh champion Dai Davies, the card will play host to the most amount of fights in one night in an Irish ring. In that sense, the boxers on the undercard will be looking to excite and stand out from the crowd – something that suits Quinn down to the ground.
The motor-mouth Crumlin Lightweight promises that “I’ll always be in exciting fights, I’m not one to punch and move. I’m one to get in there and stick with it.”
There are certainly no airs or graces about Quinn, who trains under Sean Carton at the All Saints Gym in Kimmage, formerly having fought out of Phil Sutcliffe’s famous Crumlin club.
With refreshing honesty, Quinn gleefully describes how “I love a little rough-up, I always did, I may as well get paid for it. It works out every way for me, it’s a no brainer. I work, labouring on building restoration, I come to the gym, I go home to my baby, that’s it.”
Now 30-years-old, Quinn only picked up the gloves in his mid-20s. Indeed, the fact he is able to turn pro despite such a late start in the pros is testament to his willingness to learn. Add to this that his all-action style is suited to the rigours of pro boxing and it looks a good fit.
Quinn explains: “I’m only boxing about four years now. I won the Novices twice, the Dublin Novices and the Third Year Novices. I got to the finals in an awful lot of things as well and then things didn’t go my way.
“I’m going to give this a bash and see how it goes. That’s what everyone keeps telling me, most people think I’ll do better with the pro game. I get a bit anxious in there [the amateurs] so the pro game seems to suit me a bit better, I get to take my time,” added Quinn.
What he undeniably lacks in experience, Quinn believes he makes up for in pure brute strength and fearless ferocity. Recently he has even been christened The Crumlin Wrecking Ball in reference to his destructive approach.
“I’m strong and I’ll fight anybody,” he states confidently – and one certainly gets the impression that he is completely serious.
“With eight ounce gloves, if I hit anybody, they’ll feel it. I’ve man-strength, I’ve been in a gym all my life. That’s one of my main things, I’ve an awful lot of strength in both hands. My left and my right, they hit the same. That’s what everyone else tells me. Seany [Carton] won’t even hold the pads for me, because I hurt his hands.”
Unlike most fighters turning pro, Quinn isn’t clamouring for world titles or international superstardom. Instead, the popular Dub just wants to entertain the fans and enjoy some domestic glory.
“My goal is an Irish title. I know for a fact that I will get an Irish title,” the red-headed warrior states with a smirk.
“I’m not throwing any names out there – because I haven’t got a leg to stand on! But there’s a few out there who are pro right now that I know, with eight weeks training, I would take them out. That’s my goal anyway.”
First thing’s first though, his professional debut on Saturday, and Quinn is promising his specialised brand of entertainment.
Addressing his fans both current and future, Quinn pledges that “I’ll always give a good fight, you’ll get your money’s worth. September 9, some bloke is getting stopped.
“I’m buzzing, I can’t wait. I’m feeling fit, I’m not where I need to be, but I’m getting there. I just want to get in there now and get the first one out of the way.”
Headlined by the Donovan-Davies title fight, the Celtic Clash 3 card also features Colin O’Donovan, Michael Gallagher, Regan Buckley, Carl McDonald, Chris Mullally, Stephen McAfee, Niall O’Connor, James Cahill, Gerard Whitehouse, Bernard Roe, John Joyce, Liam Gaynor, and Dylan McDonagh.
Tickets are available to buy from the All Saints Boxing Club, by calling 0857047533, or online at

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