Bell’s deal of the century

by Gazette Reporter

BLUEBELL United are celebrating after landing the deal of a lifetime by spending just €10 to purchase a piece of land reported to be worth €450,000.
The land in question is situated opposite the Red Cow Roundabout but, conveniently, right beside the one and only pitch the club already owned. It was formerly owned by Capel Developments who agreed to sell it to South Dublin County Council.
Capel went into receivership five years ago with the council still owing €450,000 on the land, meaning a receiver was appointed by NAMA.
Bluebell’s PRO Anthony O’Brien spotted an opportunity to finally secure a significantly extended home for his team and set about trying to get his hands on the land.
He initially approached local Sinn Fein councillor Eoin O’Broin who approached NAMA on his behalf and the ball was officially set in motion. It was, however, rolling slowly so O’Brien went to the council offices looking to set up a direct line of communication with a manager.
A decision was finally made in June of last year when council members voted to pass the land over to the club. However, it wasn’t simply a matter of passing direct control over to Bluebell.
The council then had to strike a deal with NAMA – which they did for a payment of €250,000 for the land, with an additional payment of €200,000 paid in lieu of the council’s obligation to remediate the land and remove a spoil heap.
The council were then free to transfer the land over to the club and did so through a sub-sale that would see the land used as playing pitches and exchange hands for a nominal fee of just €10.
A condition of the deal is that the club are not allowed to sell on the land but they are already planning to install an all-weather pitch and floodlights. They will now seek to raise the finance necessary to build facilities that will help their teams immensely.
After four years of negotiations with solicitors, receivers, NAMA and the council, the club finally have a way to improve their home ground thanks to the hard work and dedication of O’Brien.
The club also took the time to praise O’Brien for what he has achieved for them in a statement that said: “Full credit goes to Anto for the work he put in over the last four years dealing with NAMA, the receivers, South Dublin CC, and all their solicitors.
“The cost of the land was €10, and Anto proudly paid the money and now can say he bought the property for the club as well.”

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