Zaki will undergo surgery at The Children’s Hospital in Missouri

A mother of an eight-year-old boy with cerebral palsy has smashed her €80,000 fundraising objective after 18 months of raising money for her son’s life changing surgery.
Many community groups and individuals across the Dublin Mid-West community have helped Carmel Tuite raise vital funds for her son Zaki through various charity events since October, 2014.
The money will be used to fly Zaki to the USA on Saturday, May 14 where he will undergo surgery at The Children’s Hospital in Missouri.
The operation Zaki needs has been pioneered by doctor TS Parks who has performed over 2,500 operations with patients worldwide for over 25 years. Without surgery Zaki will become wheelchair dependent for the rest of his life.
The latest fundraising initiative for Zaki was undertaken by Lucan IT company Nostra who raised more than €16,000 for the eight-year-old boy’s aftercare. Their Dawn to Dusk challenge involved 50 staff members who were split into four teams and raced from sunrise to sunset to see what team reached Loop Head, Clare first. The walking team were first across the line, followed by the running, cycling and driving team.
Speaking to The Gazette this week, Carmel said that without the endless support of the local community her son could not possibly get the surgery he needs.
“I’ve been really blown away from the generosity of the local community who brought all of this together. It started as a conversation at a friend’s kitchen table about 18 months ago where she decided to hold a cake sale at her work at St James’s hospital.
“It all kicked off from there really with so many community groups and people of all walks of life getting in touch, wanting to run an event or donate money for Zaki.
“At the moment Zaki has very poor stamina whenever he’s goes out walking. You have to tailor your activities to make sure he doesn’t have to walk too far because it’s very painful for him. The surgery he needs will lessen the pain he feels and to ease freedom of movement.
“To raise over €80,000 is such a huge accomplishment and I cannot begin to express my thanks for everyone who helped me achieve this target.
“My older boy Adam, who is 14, has also been such a huge help to myself and Zaki. He’s really gone above and beyond in his efforts to see that we raise the money Zaki needs.”