Woman to be sentenced for part in knife, taser altercation

by Gazette Reporter

A WOMAN will be sentenced next month for her part in a knife and taser attack on a man which forced the victim to cancel his wedding.
Sarah Lawlor (26), of St Theresa’s Gardens, Donore Avenue, Dublin 8, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to causing serious harm to Iuliun Molcalaut on the South Circular Road on July 19, 2015.
Lawlor became involved in an altercation after she decided two men had made “vulgar comments” in her direction.
Garda John Altendorf accepted that Lawlor did not stab anyone during the incident, but admitted she got knives from a flat after she was asked to get them.
Fiona Murphy BL, prosecuting, said that Molcalaut’s wounds could have been fatal if not for the medical attention he received immediately after the altercation.
He lost 2.6 kilos of blood – a significant proportion of the 4.8 kilos of blood his body contained.
Gda Altendorf said that Molcalaut’s liver was punctured during the incident and that he was forced to cancel his wedding due to the severity of his injuries.
On the night of the altercation, the victim and another man walked by Lawlor in a garden with her grandfather on the South Circular Road.
Mr Molcalaut was walking back to his home on the South Circular Road with a friend after visiting a nearby shop. The two men exchanged words with Lawlor as they passed by.
The two men were followed by Lawlor and two others. Gda Altendorf said it was his view that Lawlor and the others initiated the aggression.
Molcalaut was attacked with a taser and a bottle and stabbed. The man he was with suffered similar attacks. Razvan Molcalaut, Iulian’s brother, rushed out to assist him.
He suffered lacerations to his hand when he grabbed a knife to avoid being stabbed.
Lawlor was arrested approximately an hour after the altercation. During the arrest she asked: “Was this about the fight?”
Lawlor admitted she got knives from the flat after she was asked to get them. Gda Altendorf said Lawlor was the only one of the three who took responsibility for her involvement in the altercation.
Mary Rose Gearty SC, defending, said that Lawlor’s mother was a heroin addict and that Lawlor was raised by her grandparents after her mother’s house was set on fire when she was young.
Lawlor has no previous convictions. She has three children, all of whom are currently in the custody of their fathers.
Judge Elma Sheahan remanded Lawlor on bail and adjourned sentencing until July 3 next.

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