Woman refuses Muslim doctors

by Ian Begley

A female patient in Tallaght Hospital allegedly refused to be treated by two medial consultants on the grounds that they were both Muslim.
On December 8, the patient asked the female medical professional if she was a Muslim since she was wearing a hijab.
After the consultant replied that she was, the patient refused to be treated by her and asked for someone else to tend to her needs.
Afterwards, a male medic came out to assist her, but the woman refused him on the grounds that he was a Muslim too.
The daughter of the patient shared her mother’s experience on Facebook, which has since gained a lot of controversy and public debate.
She wrote that when the first consultant came to see her mother, she was wearing “a hijab and black sack”.
“My mam asked her the obvious, if she was Muslim. The consultant replied yes, to which my mam then told her that she wanted to see someone else.
“In walks another consultant – a big black bearded man. Guess what he was – a Muslim too. My mam stuck to her guns and said ‘well they are just going to have to find me a non-Muslim consultant’.
“Hours pass and eventually someone comes into the ward to talk to my mam about it. She was told that they had a board meeting and that the hospital runs a certain way and they were going to have to ask her to leave,” she said.
The daughter’s Facebook post also stated that her family is currently lodging an official complaint on Tallaght Hospital due to their belief that the patient did not receive the respect she deserved.
Following the controversy that arose after her statement, Cllr Dermot Looney (Ind) tweeted that Muslim doctors do amazing work around Ireland and in Tallaght.
“I despair, not only for doctors but for wonderful Muslim kids I’ve taught who want to become doctors. What vileness they face.
“My heart sinks… Muslim docs do amazing work around Ireland, including in Tallaght.”
Responding to The Gazette, a spokesperson from Tallaght Hospital said it cannot comment on individual patient cases due to patient confidentiality, but confirmed that no patients were denied treatment during the week the woman in question was in the hospital.
The spokesperson added: “Tallaght Hospital’s values emphasise respect and the hospital’s establishing charter guarantees the free profession and practise of religion by all associated with the hospital and in particular the members of staff. These values are upheld by all staff and the hospital expects patients to respects these values of fairness and equity. No patients have been denied appropriate treatment this week.”

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