Whitechurch set for new playground

by Rachel Darcy

A new playspace is planned for the Rathfarnham area as part of Dublin City Council’s current Playspace programme.

South Dublin County Council told Dublin Gazette that the plans for the new playground are as part of the council’s Councils Playspace Programme 2014-2018.

The new playspace is set for the Whitechurch area near Rathfarnham, on a disused greenspace between Whitechurch and Grangebrook, in front of the Whitechurch Community and Youth centre.

According to the council, the playground is only at a tendering stage, with no designs at present as the tender is for a ‘design and build’ contract.

There have been numerous consultations with Whitechurch residents, who welcome the building of the new play area, as the nearest playground at present is in Marlay Park.

The field at Whitechurch Green also used to host football matches. The council said: “South Dublin County Council currently have a tender out for a playspace on the open space in front of Whitechurch Community Centre. There is no design at this stage as the tender is for a design and build contract.

“What was agreed through consultations is that the playspace will be spread out across the site similar to the play facilities in Rathcoole Park.

“The decision to provide play facilities in Whitechurch was taken after the Council was approached by the local community who wanted their children to have somewhere safe to play locally.

“The green space is the obvious choice as it is zoned for play and recreation and has been provided for this purpose. Currently many local children play on the roads as there is nothing on the green for them. The current situation is both unsafe and unsatisfactory.”

SDCC have also proposed that there will be a path installed through the green space for older people, and to encourage the community to use the green space more.

“The green space in Whitechurch is also not being used well by other age groups, and it is felt that a path to allow people to walk around the green would be a major asset to the community and encourage people to use the green space more for recreation and fitness.

“There is currently no path to the bus stop and this restricts the movements of many older and less mobile people.”

As the project progresses, South Dublin County Council say that local councillors will continue to be briefed, making information accessible to residents concerned about the scheme.

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