Traffic wardens to wear body cameras

by Mark O'Brien
Body camera

Traffic wardens in Lucan will wear Body Worn Video (BWV) devices following complaints from locals over how the wardens carry out their duties.

The information was revealed at last week’s Lucan Area Committee meeting of South Dublin County Council.

In a report delivered to councilors at the meeting, South Dublin County Council said: “A number of complaints have been received in respect of the traffic warden in the Lucan village area in relation to how the warden performs warden duties and the interaction of the warden with members of the public.

“The council have raised this issue with the parking contractor on a number of occasions as the ethos of parking enforcement that we wish to deliver is of a fair, impartial and professional service standard.

“To ensure this is the case we have now agreed that all wardens will use a Body Worn Video device which will be used in certain circumstances that are compliant with data protection requirements.”

Mayor of South Dublin Paul Gogarty said he had some reservations about the use of the devices.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Gogarty said: “While if used properly it will be of assistance to members of the public and traffic wardens in dealing with appeals and arguments regarding fairness in enforcement of the rules, it can also be used selectively and has issues in relation to data protection unless protocols are followed strictly.”

In response to Cllr Gogarty’s concerns, the county manager said that the parking subcontractor has taken the council’s complaints very seriously and are trying to resolve the issues brought to their attention.

He added that BMV’s are used throughout the country in traffic complaints and they “tend to negate the need for conflict” and were only used where conflicts may arise according to training and protocol and not used if there are any children around.

South Dublin County Council agreed to Cllr Gogarty’s request for the issue to be brought back to the council in six months time for a review of how the new system has been operating.

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