Ruthless thieves have robbed the burned out shell of a Tallaght drug treatment centre.

They struck a few hours after a fire at the St Aengus Drug Project on Sunday evening had been extinguished stealing a TV, three computers and an empty drug safe.

Independent Councillor Mick Duff, who is the manager of St Aengus Drug Project, said the fire has left them “devastated”.

“Besides the fire, which is being investigated, some ‘person or persons unknown’ decided to loot the centre during the night and went away with three new computers, our TV and an empty locked cabinet.

“Some people know how to add to the misery of others. There is a lot of water and smoke damage and some of the roof is down,” he said.

“When we got in on Sunday morning there was also a lot of water lodged in some of the rooms.

“The centre wasn’t as secure after the fire and somebody took advantage.”
In a statement gardai said investigations were continuing.

“Gardai attended a burglary that occurred at a premises in Tymon North in the early hours of morning Monday, November 12, 2018.

“A number of items were taken during the course of the burglary.

“No persons injured, there have been no arrests and investigations are ongoing.”

Three engines from Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) managed to stop the fire which they say was caused by “flames from the gas supply which caused the eaves to catch alight”.

The St Aengus Drug Project relocated to St Aengus Community Centre on Monday morning where it is expected to be located for some time.

Local drug projects from around the Tallaght area and beyond have been in contact offering support to the team and its clients.

St Aengus Project is a community based treatment, rehabilitation, education and support project, providing a range of services, in partnership with the HSE and other bodies, to families in the parish area of St Aengus and the wider Tallaght area.