Ten-year-old child caught up in robbery

by Ian Begley

A Clondalkin business is appealing for the community to stand up against local thuggery following two recent robberies where staff members and a 10-year-old boy were held at gun point.
On April 1, a masked gunman entered the premises of the More4Less Food store in Bawnogue shopping centre and robbed the contents of the till before fleeing.
Two days later on April 3, the same gunman, along with an accomplice, held up the More4Less Food store again, frightening staff and making off with a small amount of cash.
Speaking to The Gazette this week the owner of the store who asked not to be named said: “All of my staff were okay on both occasions, but are still very much shook up and on edge.
“They handled the situation very well and were cool and calm during the robberies. I stressed to them before that their lives are much more important than the contents of a till.
“During one of the incidents, a young boy who was in the shop at the time had the firearm pointed in his direction. He raised his hands, but one of my staff managed to take him out the back door and around the corner to safety – it was very quick thinking.”
The owner of the store added that his business along with many others in the area suffer from the constant problem of youths hanging outside their premises.
“Gangs of young and older teenagers are constantly trying to steal from our store and hurl abuse at our staff and regularly throw things like stones or eggs at them. They’re causing a lot of damage so we’re in the process of stepping up security.”
Clondalkin gardai facilitated a business watch meeting for retailers in Bawnogue, Greenpark, Woodford and Kingswood shopping centres recently with hopes of finding a solution to alleviate local business from anti-social activity.
Gardai are investigating the robberies and anyone with information is encouraged to contact Clondalkin Garda Station at 666 7600.
The attacks follow multiple robberies of businesses at the shopping centre in recent months, along with a long-standing problem of intimidation, theft, and anti-social behaviour by a gang of local thugs.

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