Child cut by glass left by vandals in Kingswood playground

by Padraig Conlon

Another act of vandalism in a Tallaght playground caused a child to receive a cut after falling on glass left in a sandpit.

The incident occurred last Sunday (October 28) morning as the child was playing in the sandpit in Kingswood Heights.

After the child cut himself a concerned resident noticed the area was full of broken glass.

They then cleared the remaining glass and contacted Kingswood Heights Residents Association to inform local parents and warn them to be vigilant.

On a post on the Kingswood Heights Residents Facebook page they said:

“Mind your kids in the playground.

“A resident was in contact to say they were in the playground this morning and a child fell on glass in the sandpit and cut himself.

“The playground is a great facility for young families in the area.

“The council empty bins and clean up twice a week, but it’s in our interests to also keep it safe and clean for our young kids to use.”

This is the third serious incident of vandalism in a Tallaght playground.

In July a little girl received a serious laceration which required stitches while playing in another Tallaght park.

The nine-year-old sliced her leg open after she slid down a pole which had glass stuck to it.

In August the playground in Sean Walsh Park was set on fire which also caused damage.

South Dublin Council told Dublin Gazette:

“We take the issue of vandalism very seriously and continuously work to prevent it.

“Recent incidents have taken place at our play spaces at the following locations: Sean Walsh Park, Griffeen Valley Park, Kingswood, Hermitage Park, Balgaddy, MacUilliam and Brookfield.

“These incidences of vandalised and broken equipment are low as increasingly more robust equipment is used.

“In 2017 €86,000 was spent in repairs.

“To date in 2018, expenditure on play spaces has been in the region of €83,000, while c €48,000 has been spent on repairs.

“With regard to preventing future attacks, the council urges people to report any vandalism that they are aware of to the council and the Gardai.”

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