Paddy Holohan suspended after more controversial remarks emerge

by Gazette Reporter

Sinn Féin has suspended Tallaght councillor Paddy Holohan over comments he made on his podcast.

The former MMA fighter was forced to apologise yesterday after comments he made about Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on his show drew much criticism.

The Taoiseach accepted Cllr Holohan’s apology but further controversial remarks have since emerged.

In conversation with film maker Terry McMahon, Cllr Holohan said he would not run female-only classes at his gym because he ‘believes in equality.’

“In the true struggle for equality between genders and between feminism, I think equality was lost.

“I very, very, very rarely get a lad texting me saying do you run male-only classes.”

He said if he ran male-only classes he would “be slated” for hating women.

Terry Mr McMahon then said he understood why some women would want female-only classes as “they may be afraid or because they may have been attacked, because this is the problem, there are some scum men out there.”

Cllr Holohan then said: “There is some f***ing scum women out there as well.

“There was a situation I heard during the week, where somebody was underage.

The person didn’t know they were underage, the girl pursued the guy, got whatever she needed, had pictures and videos, and then said ‘I want ten grand’.

That wasn’t the first person – there were loads of them.

“People go ‘that doesn’t happen’ – absolutely, I’m putting my hand on my heart, I tell you it does happen, and it is happening out there.”

Sinn Féin today confirmed Cllr Holohan had been suspended with immediate effect.

In a statement released this afternoon the party stated:

“Paddy Holohan has been suspended from Sinn Féin with immediate effect, and a disciplinary process has been initiated.”

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