Series of thefts sparks warning

by Staff Reporter

CLONDALKIN residents have been warned to be safety conscious after a spate of burglaries last week.
Although gardai say there is “no unusual activity” and that numbers of burglaries have been “consistent”, they are reminding locals that alarms, lights and locks are of vital importance when it comes to home security.
The reminder comes after a number of burglaries were reported in estates across Clondalkin.
Local Fianna Fail councillor Trevor Gilligan said that a huge number of break-ins had been reported.
“Last week (ending February 1) saw a huge number of burglaries in a number of estates throughout Clondalkin, mainly in the village area. [There were reports of] seven burglaries in the Monastery estate in one night, five in Woodford, five in Monastery Heath and one each in Grange View and Bushfield.
“If anyone has any information in relation to these burglaries, please contact the Clondalkin Garda Station 01 666 7600.”
According to Cllr Gilligan, the culprits are using a magnetic tool to recover keys to assist them in breaking into the houses.
“Burglars are fishing through the letterbox with a magnetic retrieval tool to get your keys and they then open the front door.
“Please leave your keys and valuables hidden away and if possible, block up your letter boxes. Make sure you don’t leave any keys or valuables in your hallway where they can be seen.
“Turn on your alarms. If you hear a neighbour’s alarm, call the gardai. Please report any suspicious activities to the Clondalkin Garda Station.”
A Garda spokesperson echoed Cllr Gilligan’s advice, urging locals to keep crime prevention measures in mind.
“One in four burglaries is committed by thieves entering through an unsecured door or window. This figure rises in the summer to almost one in three.
“Many burglaries 60% or more occur post noon. Late school runs and shopping trips are times of note.
“An Garda Siochana will use all resources available to it to target these burglars. Operations around the country have already seen several arrests and An Garda Siochana encourages all home owners to partake in community alert or neighbourhood watch schemes to help combat the burglar.
“Our website, has dedicated crime prevention advice to help you avoid becoming a victim of burglary.”
However, the Garda spokesperson said that over the year, numbers of burglaries average out and remain “fairly consistent” when compared with previous years.

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