Residents’ lives made hell by scramblers

by Mark O'Brien

The misuse of scramblers and quad bikes is “making life hell” for residents across West Dublin.

Local TD Sean Crowe (SF) said that constant noise from the vehicles is interfering with residents’ sleep, their leisure time and is undermining the quality of resident’s lives.

In one estate in Tymon North, Tallaght, local residents claim there are at least eight active bikes and two quad bikes on the go, day and night with many of them owned by the same individuals.

Deputy Crowe said: “The same group of drivers are increasingly out on multiple bikes with some drag racing each other whilst doing acrobatics and wheelies.

“Residents say the quad bikes are being driven on two wheels on the roads in the early evenings when there are car owners travelling home from work and while children are still out playing and they believe it is only a matter of time before someone is killed or seriously injured.”

Deputy Crowe called on the gardai to be given more powers to seize the vehicles.

“I realise it is difficult for the Garda Authorities to seize these bikes and arrest these individuals involved but it cannot be impossible and a tougher overt policing approach is needed.”

Fianna Fáil TD for Dublin MidWest, John Curran called for substantial legislative action to be taken to tackle the issue.

He said: “Despite existing Local Authority by-laws that prohibit the illegal use of mechanically propelled vehicles in public areas, the gardaí have little or no authority to enforce these laws.

“It seems that the Department of Justice are hoping to offload its responsibility to take decisive action by carrying out a review of such bylaws.

“As far as I am concerned, the only meaningful solution would be to implement legislative change to clamp down on the improper use of scramblers and quads and the antisocial behaviour linked to it.”

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