Proposal for sport pavilions is rejected

by Ian Begley

A proposal to provide €600,000 to build new sport pavilions in Lucan was voted against at the council’s annual budget meeting.
Last month the council accepted a proposal to begin building new pavilions around local parks within the county, including Griffeen Valley Park, to provide access to purpose-built changing rooms, meeting rooms and storage space, which would ultimately see the elimination of containers from local parks.
This was voted against at the November 6 annual budget meeting by Sinn Fein and Independent councillors to offset/subsidise a planned increase in rent for social housing tenants.
Commenting on this decision, Lucan Cllr William Lavelle (FG) said: “While I accept that some Lucan independents did try to vote for lesser funding in a second vote this was defeated. The damage was done with their devastating first vote against this local project.
“We may get this funding again sometime in future, but regrettably and sadly not now,” he said.
Cllr Ed O’Brien (FF) also expressed disappointment at the loss of funding for sports pavilions in the Lucan area, saying that “this was yet another occasion on which Lucan would miss out on funding earmarked for the region.
“The ruling group on the county council took a decision in the budget to strip €1.3m from the budget to balance a potential increase in council rents due to a pending decision of the Government.
“The Sinn Fein led group could have found this money anywhere in the budget but chose to take it from funding set aside for Lucan and this was funding which Sinn Fein had supported in numerous motions before South Dublin County Council over the last number of years,” said Cllr O’Brien.
Palmerstown Cllr Danny O’Brien (SF) justified the decision to vote against the pavilions, saying: “The council had allowed for a €1.3m rent increase which we had to do a lot of negotiations to get out of the budget because there was no discussions on this topic. We couldn’t have an allowance for a rent increase that hadn’t been discussed in the chamber.
“They had six areas across the county that they were going to put sport pavilions around, which would have replaced containers.
“Unfortunately we had to take this off the tables to cover the allowances for the rent increase, but I’m sure as soon as money becomes available this issue will come back up for discussion,” he said.

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