Pet owners warned to be vigilant in Clondalkin

by Ian Begley

AN INCREASING number of mutilated dead cats and dogs are being found in the Clondalkin area, it has been revealed this week.

It is believed the animals may have been used as part of an underground bloodsport.

The animals found are often brutalised to such an extent that it is difficult to identify what type of animal they were, or to figure out who they belong to.

It is the belief that these animals were victims of baiting – an act where an animal is bound and set upon by game dogs for the purpose of increasing the dog’s fighting instinct.

A resident from St Mark’s estate, who chose to remain anonymous, found two dead cats recently in her area, suspecting they were both used for baiting.

She said: “When I was walking home with my daughter we discovered a cat that looked as if it had been brutally mauled to death.

“It was as if someone had cut off its fur and set it on fire – there was a terrible smell of burning off it. We then found another black cat a few days later with four of its legs cut off.

“We have no idea who could have done this, but we suspect that these animals were used for baiting.

“Two or three cats are going missing every week, and an awful lot of dogs are going missing too. People should be made aware of what’s going on and keep a careful eye on their pets,” she said.

The DSPCA have since been contacted and a vet is due to carry out a post-mortem on the animals.

Peter Haskins from Animal Ark said the act of baiting and dognapping for ransom and breeding is rampant in Dublin, and appeals to anyone who owns a pet to be very vigilant.

He said: “We know for a fact that people use them for baiting. These people want the dogs they are training to get a taste of blood, so they tie down whatever animal they stole and the dogs will rip them to bits.

“There’s also another thing that dog fighting trainers do, called ‘trunking’. This is where they get two dogs and throw them into the boot of a car. The dogs then fight each other and the one that dies is thrown away.”

Anyone who is aware of, or suspects any animal is being abused, can contact the DSPCA at 01 499 4700, or Animal Ark at 01 531 1007.

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