Roundabout issue ‘bigger than Brexit’

by Rebecca Ryan

Despite the weather, locals “turned out in their droves” on Saturday to protest against a new road layout at Orlagh roundabout in Knocklyon.

Last July, construction work began to install a shared cycle and pedestrian way leading to the roundabout and traffic was reduced to a single lane, which locals say is causing extreme tailbacks.

South Dublin Cllr Deirdre O’Donovan (IND) previously told Dublin Gazette that commuters are “livid” and that the road has been narrowed so much that residents have been telling her of near misses with some lorries and buses having to drive on the path.

She also reported that trade for local businesses has slowed down as a result of the extra traffic and that “even ambulances on their way to Tallaght Hospital can’t get through” during the gridlock.

There is now a call for South Dublin County Council [SDCC] to reinstate the two lanes for traffic approaching the roundabout on Scholarstown Road.

Cllr O’Donovan said the protest over the weekend went “very well” and there will be more protests until the matter is resolved.

“The realignment of the Orlagh Roundabout has caused chronic congestion for the entire community and massive tailbacks and delays.
“Before the works, there were delays at the usual peak times but now there are massive tailbacks at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon.”

Cllr O’Donovan is hosting a meeting for representatives of local residents’ associations and businesses today (Thursday), and another protest at County Hall on February 12.

Local resident Declan Brady told us the tailbacks are a “major headache” for local residents and that it is having a knock-on effect in surrounding areas.

“[Residents now] take an alternative route to and from the M50 which has in fact caused more traffic in other areas as a result.

“The protest went very well thankfully. We had 252 signatures in our book after it and not everyone signed. Hopefully SDCC will start listening to us now after this show of togetherness from those impacted and fix the roundabout.”

Last Friday, Local TD John Lahart (FF) raised the matter in the Dail and said the biggest issue he’s facing at the moment is not Brexit, but a roundabout in his contingency.

“No one is accountable. It is causing chaos and havoc. No public rep can pinpoint the person who is responsible or accountable for it.

“It’s only through protest it seems that ‘officialdom’ actually begins to hear, listen and take action,” said Deputy Lahart.

Dublin Gazette contacted South Dublin County Council for comment but did not receive a reply before going to print.

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