Mistreated horse found with spinal damage from ill treatment put down

by Mark O'Brien
A horse enjoys some water delivered by volunteers from My Lovely Horse Rescue

A mistreated horse had to be euthanised after it was found with its hind quarters paralysed last week in Rathfarnham.

The mare was discovered near Stocking Lane by a volunteer from the My Lovely Horse Rescue Group (MLHR).

MLHR contacted gardai and a vet and volunteers stayed with the mare for more than six hours until a vet arrived to examine her.

The mare was diagnosed with spinal damage, associated with being ridden badly, and her hind quarters were paralysed. She was euthanised on the spot.

MLHR volunteers also tended to horses that had been badly treated in other areas across Dublin.

Fortunately, these animals survived and are currently being cared for by MLHR.

The group say they have also been bringing water to horses left to fend for themselves on public lands without food, water, or shelter from the sun.

The drop off areas included locations in Clondalkin.

A spokesperson for MLHR said: “Volunteers often walk several hundred metres across public land carrying five-litre water bottles and buckets for the horses to drink from.

“Horses are frequently moved around by their owners or wander across large open areas, and MLHR volunteers often have to scout the area every day to find the horses.

“Volunteers are often required to be creative when it comes to watering and feeding horses.

“In one location, for instance, volunteers placed an old bath in a field and filled it with 160 litres of water for the five horses located in that area. Volunteers refill the bath every evening.”

Following an appeal for help by MLHR, members of the public have also started bringing water to horses in similar situations throughout the country.

The group advise anyone who sees a horse in distress to take a photo, make a video and record the time and location of the incident.

People are then advised to call the Department of Agriculture animal welfare hotline: Call Save: 0761 064408 / Phone: 01 6072379 / animalwelfare@agriculture.gov.ie and leave a voicemail if the call is not answered.

Also contact the DSPCA: 01- 499 4700 and your local Garda station to report the incident.
My Lovely Horse Rescue can be contacted at info@mylovelyhorserescue.com.

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