Menus to show calorie counts

by Ian Begley

All food outlets in Dublin Mid-West will be required to display calorie counts on their menus in early 2016, with calls on South Dublin County Council to become a leading advocate for this initiative.
The proposed law will require all menus, including boards, leaflets, digital menus or other forms, to display the amount of calories alongside the price in the same font size and colour.
At the last county council meeting, Cllr Anne Marie Dermody (FG) asked the council to provide leadership by implementing calorie posting on all food served in the council’s canteen.
She said: “There is an obesity problem in Ireland, with reports that Ireland will soon to be the fastest growing obese country after the United States. [I’m asking] that this council lead the way in providing this information on a voluntary basis and in so doing, send out a clear positive message within the county and to other local authorities.”
In response to Cllr Dermody’s request, chief executive Daniel McLoughlin stated: “In a bid to tackle the country’s growing obesity problem, the Cabinet has signed off on plans to make bars, restaurants and takeaways list the calorie content of their food.
“All menus, including boards, leaflets and digital menus, will have to display calorie counts alongside cost.
“The [council] has already introduced significant improvements regarding new measures to introduce more healthy options for everyone.
“At the moment there are GDA (guideline daily allowance) cards on display in which a calorie count of each meal is supplied.
“Healthy Eating Week is another example of the [council’s] drive towards healthier eating habits. There is also a ‘Know Your Food’ carousel where food information leaflets are available which change on a monthly basis,” said McLoughlin.

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