Major backlash against all-weather pitch plan

by Ian Begley

Local representatives and concerned residents have been holding talks at Lucan United’s club grounds in Airle Heights to discuss issues surrounding the controversial all-weather pitch.
The amenity, which was given approval by the council, created widespread backlash among many residents from Airle Heights who then appealed to An Bord Pleanala, who in turn, approved the development. During the planning process, residents objected citing traffic congestion, lighting, noise, loss of privacy and operation times at the site, as their main concerns.
The meeting, organised by members of Lucan United, was held to discuss their plans for the all-weather pitch and also to address any concerns raised by members of the public.
Cllr Ruth Nolan (PBP) who attended the meeting told The Gazette that she did not support the development as she believes it would create a traffic hazard to residents living in the area.
“The development will bring a lot more traffic into the area, which would create a hazard to residents if they are in need of a fire truck or an ambulance,” she said.
Cllr Liona O’Toole (Ind) also commented, saying: “I think Lucan United’s plans are fabulous, but I don’t think there’s much point in putting the all-weather pitch in the location they’re proposing if it’s going to cause controversy.”
John Doyle, treasurer of Lucan United, told The Gazette that the club is willing to address the concerns of local residents, but believes that the all-weather pitch will not pose a negative impact on the area.
He said: “We’re looking to build the pitch here because it’s where our club is and where we train.
“The biggest issue is centred around parking, but we already use the local school’s car park which has 40 spaces, we have 10 spaces at our club, and with the new all-weather pitch being built there will be an additional 30 car parking spaces – that’s a total of 80 spaces.
“We’re open to compromise regarding our plans and nothing is set in stone yet. We obviously need this facility for the kids because so many of our matches are being called off due to bad weather, which would create an overkill of games towards the end of the season.
“At least with an all-weather pitch you can even out matches throughout the season and that kids are guaranteed to play a match every week. We have been part of this community for many years and want to ensure that the all-weather pitch does not impact on the local area in a negative way,” he said.
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