Lucan village
Lucan village

Business owners in Lucan village say that worsening traffic problems are having a detrimental effect on their business.

Traffic volumes through the village have increased since the turn of the year, with many local business owners saying that traffic has become particularly heavy between 4pm and 6pm.

Cllr Ed O’Brien (FF), who runs a solicitor’s practice in the village, told Dublin Gazette that the increase in traffic in the village has become very noticeable in recent months.

He said: “There are certain times in the day when clients just won’t make an appointment with me because they know they’ll be stuck in traffic if they’re coming from far enough away that they need to take a car.

“Particularly on a Friday. Friday has always been a write off. After about one o’clock on a Friday it’s just gridlock outside.”

Cllr O’Brien said a number of factors have led to the increase in traffic.

“There’s more people back in employment so there’s more cars on the road,” he said.

“But I do also think the impact of the changes to the quays are being felt here in Lucan.

“It has lengthened the journey times for people who are getting the bus.

“I’ve spoken to residents who have complained about this who have decided to get back into their car, rather than get on the bus so that’s led to an increase in traffic on the roads which is sending people away from the hotspots like the M50.”

Cllr O’Brien said that a number of solutions could be implemented to alleviate the traffic issues in Lucan village.

“I think there are two steps which the National Transport Authority can take immediately,” he said.

“One is an increase in the bus fleet. They rolled out 90 new buses recently.

“Eighty of those were replacing old stock so it was effectively increasing stock by about 10 buses.

“Lucan buses are at capacity because it’s the only form of public transport that we have. I had to get on a bus to get into town last week and at 6.45am buses were passing me by.”

He added that Kishogue railway station should be opened as a priority.

“It’s the ideal method of getting people into the city centre. There’s not really any excuse for investing in the railway links in my opinion.”

The traffic issues on the M50 which are having a knock-on effect in Lucan village were raised in the Dail last week by Deputies John Lahart and John Curran.

The two Fianna Fail TD’s raised the prospect of building a second orbital road in Dublin.

In response to this, Minister Shane Ross said: “We do not intend to develop an outer orbital route. It is not in our plans and not feasible.

“The NTA’s greater Dublin area strategy does not include such a project because it would be incredibly expensive. It also recommends protection of this corridor.”