Lucan not a flooding blackspot – Keating

by Staff Reporter

LUCAN should no longer be considered a flooding blackspot, a local TD has claimed.
Fine Gael’s Derek Keating met this week with Minister for the OPW Brian Hayes to discuss the ongoing difficulties that many Lucan residents have experienced in obtaining or paying for home and flood insurance.
Some residents have told The Gazette that they had been denied quotes, been refused coverage and even failed to be granted renewals by insurance companies, who cite the November 2000 flash floods as a reason.
Those floods caused millions of euro worth of damage, when water up to a metre deep suddenly hit the town, flooding many homes and businesses.
After that flooding, more than €5 million was invested in flood prevention measures, including the heightening of walls at the river in the village.
However, that has not satisfied many companies – something that has angered Deputy Keating.
“Despite the investment and over 12 years after the major flooding events, and when other Irish cities and towns are affected by flash flooding, Lucan remains flood-free.
“However, many Lucan residents are paying excessive household insurance rates, including not being able to secure flood cover.
“This is wrong, and the insurance industry should recognise this and change its policy in relation to Lucan, given the investment in, and proven success of, these flood works,” said Deputy Keating.
He invited Minister Hayes to Lucan this week to inspect the works and to press the minister to call on the insurance industry to change their policy.
He added: “The insurance industry should recognise the success of the significant investment in the flood alleviation works in Lucan and the surrounding areas and change its policy to allow local residents have flooding cover.”
His concerns were echoed by Minister Hayes, who said that Lucan would be part of an overall strategy.
“We will be taking these concerns into a meeting with the Irish Insurance Federation and hoping that they will change their policy on a national level.
“We hope Lucan will be part of a national plan,” said Minister Hayes.

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