It’s the last supper as La Banca closes doors

by Ian Begley

Serving Lucan residents Italian cuisine for over three years, the highly esteemed La Banca Ristorante is due to close by the end of July.
Steps owner Keith Kenny took to keep the restaurant afloat were not successful at amassing the funds required to meet the steep rates, and its limited opening hours in the evenings proved to be a significant factor in La Banca’s demise.
La Banca owner and award winning chef Kenny told The Gazette that the closure of his restaurant was like “losing a baby”.
He said: “It was the biggest challenge of my life trying to take over La Banca. I put an awful lot of effort and work into it and it was the biggest gamble of my life.
“I tried everything and it came to the stage where unfortunately I ran out of finances and couldn’t afford to go any further with it. It’s like losing a baby because I put so much effort into it.
“What we achieved in three years is phenomenal – we brought La Banca to the top 100 restaurants in Dublin, we’ve been nominated for best restaurant, best chef, best customer service in Dublin, won best kids menu, and we got nominated in this year’s best restaurant awards.
“It didn’t pay off in the end, but in ways it did because it got the community to know me a bit better and it’s a fantastic community and there’s some great people in Lucan,” said Kenny.
Kenny added that he will continue to operate his dining franchise at Lucan Golf Club and said he will remain in Lucan, where he will continue to serve free soup for the elderly every evening – an initiative that put him in high regard amongst many Lucan residents.
Lucan Cllr William Lavelle expressed his disappointment at the closure of La Banca, saying: “I know that Keith has put his heart and soul into making La Banca the great success it had become. Keith has proven himself to be an excellent businessman, a committed champion for Lucan Village and a great servant to our community.”

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