Land for housing a source of strife

by Gazette Reporter

Local councillors disagree on what percentage of the land at Clonburris should be allocated to social housing.
South Dublin County Council is currently preparing a new master plan for the Clonburris area, as well as the proposed extension to Griffeen Valley Park and areas around the 12th Lock.
Earlier in 2014, the previous Clonburris local area plan was allowed to lapse, and was widely criticised for allowing for excessively high densities which could have resulted in six-storey apartment blocks being built next to existing two-storey housing.
South county councillors will now be able to decide what percentage of the land at Clonburris should be assigned to social houses, followed by a public consultation later on this year.
Clondalkin’s Cllr Francis Timmons (Ind) is calling for 20% of all housing being planned for the Clonburris land to be allocated to social housing.
He said: “Others are calling for 10% and this simply isn’t enough to meet the huge demand for housing.
“This would give a real potential for dealing with the current crisis in social housing.
“We have 4,500 families on the council waiting list for the Clondalkin and Lucan areas and this provides a realistic opportunity of housing some of these families.
“It is not acceptable that we have 30 families housed in Bewley’s Hotel – families need a proper house to raise their children.
“I want good quality council houses with gardens built that will cater for the needs of the Clondalkin/Lucan area. I am also calling for services to be provided as part of any large-scale build,” he said.
In contrast, Lucan’s Cllr William Lavelle (FG) thinks 10% is suitable for social houses.
He said: “At the [January 12] council meeting I reiterated my view that lands subject to the upcoming Clonburris Strategic Development Zone (SDZ), which includes land at Griffeen Avenue in Lucan, should be subject to no more than 10% social housing provision in line with the revised planning proposal announced by Government.
“In my view, there should be development of sustainable urban community at Clonburris with an appropriate mix of housing and community facilities.
“I believe 10% social housing represents a sufficient level of provision, ensures a sustainable social mix while still resulting in much-needed housing for those on the waiting list in Lucan.
“I would not support a higher proportion as proposed by others,” said Cllr Lavelle.
Lucan councillor Paul Gogarty (Ind) told The Gazette that he disagrees with Cllr Lavelle on this matter.
He said: “Lavelle tabled a motion on this issue in December which was defeated, because unfortunately we’re in such a crisis now that 10% just isn’t enough.
“I think you can’t go excessively high because it will impact people’s willingness to buy private housing so there’s a big need to find a balance and also find affordable ways for people to get a mortgage,” he said.

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