Tallaght’s Kevin wheely needs funding for new transport

by Rachel Darcy

Family friend and adopted uncle Keith Brady from Tallaght launched a GoFundMe campaign for youngster Kevin Lindsay.

Kevin (11) has Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and renal Calculi. The youth is non-verbal, is fed by peg tube, has Pseudomonas, Distonia among other issues.

Kevin had tendons release done on his hamstring and groin in Febraury 2019. However, he was unable to access physiotherapy at the time, so his tendon on the right side has reattached and he will need to have the operation done again.

“After Kevin gets the operation, he will need extensive physiotherapy,” said Keith. “However, this comes at a cost; it will be private sessions and the family have no choice but to cover the cost themselves to keep Kevin pain free.”

The key purposes of the fundraising campaign is to raise money to purchase a reliable form of transport for Kevin and the family to make medical and physiotherapy appointments, and to help fund the cost of private therapy.

“They need a wheelchair modified family vehicle in which Kevin will have to travel to Northern Ireland for treatments every week.

“A few years ago, the family purchased a wheelchair adapted van to transport Kevin around, from his daily appointments, to events, family outings, etc. However, after a while the van started becoming problematic and started to breakdown; the gearbox went, along with many other issues and the van was becoming unreliable.

“The family repeatedly spent money trying to fix but it constantly needed further repairs. Now every time Kevin is out in the van travelling to appointments or school, there is always the fear that the van will breakdown.

“With the money raised, we hope to trade up and purchase a newer vehicle suitable for Kevin and the family’s needs – one that won’t let them down!

“The Lindsay family are amazing. Kevin’s younger brother was diagnosed with Autism, Sensory Seeking Behaviour Disorder and Sensory Processing

Development Delay, so there will be many appointments and assessment which both boys will need to attend at different times weekly.

“Furthermore, in the summer of 2018, the family had to vacate their rental home and looked to the council for their forever home. They were housed in a temporary three bedroom bungalow. Unfortunately, it was a blank canvas, newly built with no flooring, tiles or even kitchen appliances.

“With no help from the council or social welfare, the family had to pay to finish the house, along with purchasing kitchen appliances and adapting the house to Kevin’s needs. Initially it was intended to be a six month stay before their final home would be allocated.

“It was late November 2019 when the family prepared to move into their forever home but once again, their new house was a blank canvas with only the upstairs floored! They had to start all over again, and fork out money they didn’t have to floor and tile the downstairs and make it suitable for Kevin”.

Despite Covid, Kevin had a good year, and has recently returned to Cheeverstown where he loves his classroom work, especially art therapy.

“With so much expense moving into two houses in the past two years,” said Keith “there is no spare cash to purchase a reliable modified vehicle, and given the two boys’ needs, transport will be vital for their health and development.”

See the GoFundMe page here to donate, all support appreciated.

“A special note of thanks to ‘#KevinsAngels’ who got behind the fundraiser which now stands at €9,100,” concluded Keith.

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