Local TD criticises opposition leader for no show at party launch

by Padraig Conlon

Micheal Martin’s no-show at his own party’s housing launch today demonstrates he is “too embarrassed” to sell Fianna Fáil’s record on housing to voters.

This is according to Fine Gael TD for Dublin South West, Colm Brophy, who says Martin’s absence is another example of him dodging scrutiny on the issue of housing.

“Micheál Martin is pitching himself as a future Taoiseach,” Deputy Brophy said.

“But when it comes to actually facing real scrutiny over the issue of housing, he opts to flock down the country to engage in photo opportunities and soundbites.

“Deputy Martin was asked to elaborate on his party’s housing proposals on radio on Sunday.

“He dodged any scrutiny then, insisting that all would be revealed at the party’s housing launch today.

“Well surprise, surprise – Deputy Martin will be nowhere to be seen at that launch.

“For a politician who wants to be in Government Buildings, he really is showing himself to be devoid of any substance whatsoever.”

Deputy Brophy, who recently compiled a report on Fianna Fáil’s housing record, said Deputy Martin has “previous form when it comes to dodging any real scrutiny on housing.”

“Only recently, Micheál Martin’s party put forward a proposal in relation to the Central Bank’s mortgage lending rules and another proposal on reducing VAT for first time buyers. Both turned out to be illegal.”

“But it’s not surprising that Deputy Martin has ran away from his housing launch today.

“Many of his own front bench , such as Timmy Dooley, Niall Collins and Seán Haughey, have been in hiding since day one of this campaign.

“We already knew that Fianna Fáil had no policies and no plan – but now we know that their own party leader is lacking equally when it comes to substance.”

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