Homeless crisis in South Dublin ‘continues to deteriorate’

by Patrick Finnegan

Fianna Fail General Election Candidate in Dublin South West, Charlie O’Connor has expressed his frustration that, despite repeated Government pleas to be addressed in the escalating housing crisis, 165 more people have become homeless in South Dublin.

Figures obtained by local Councillor O’Connor reveal that as of the end of August, 640 people in South Dublin are registered as homeless and in desperate need of housing accommodation.

He said: “Over the summer, one mother and six of her children were left with no alternative than to present themselves to our local Garda Station in Tallaght to spend the night. That one incident shed some light on the impossible choices faced by so many families living in homelessness.

“It’s sadly been too long the case that very vulnerable people across the South County, including those in receipt of social welfare or surviving on a low income, have struggled to find suitable affordable accommodation.

“Middle income earners are now becoming priced out of the private rental market as rent soars. They earn too much to be eligible for public housing, but not enough to come close to the possibility of a mortgage or meet the sustainable cost of long-term renting.

“It’s therefore no surprise that without Government action, this crisis has been left go to boiling point and 165 more people in our area have been forced to deem themselves homeless in the past 12 months.

“There are now over 7,000 people on the social housing waiting list in South Dublin.

“Really the scale of development in social and public housing that is needed is not happening to meet this demand,” he said.

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