Group vows to ensure no road will be built in local park

by Padraig Conlon

Concerned locals in Lucan are fighting to stop a road being built through their much loved St Catherine’s Park.

A valuable amenity of over 200 acres of open spaces and woodland within the Liffey Valley, the park is popular with everyone from dog walkers to BMX riders, footballers and toddlers.

Its future however is under threat thanks to plans by Fingal County Council to put a large road through it linking the M4 to the M3 motorway.

The Save St Catherine’s Group have other ideas though and vow to do their “damnedest to ensure it never gets built.”

Declan Kenny, PRO of the group, explained to Dublin Gazette why the park means so much.

“There are precious few resources like St. Catherine’s out there,” he says.

“For the hundreds of thousands of people living out in the west of Dublin, and on the edges of Meath and Kildare, this natural amenity is just too good to allow unelected bureaucrats destroy it, simply because it looks ‘neat’ on a map.

“Locals know all this. People have been coming here for years. Which is why it was easy to raise money recently in order to fund some of the park improvements.

“How can the mechanisms of the state on one hand join to conceive a wonderful public amenity like St. Catherine’s Park, and on the other, contrive to destroy it?”

“Why do Fingal County Council want to put a large road through our park, linking the M4 to the M3 motorway?

“Last year, Fingal Councillors, after much campaigning, unanimously agreed to remove this proposed road from their development plan.

“Even the Taoiseach, who knows the park well as it is in his constituency, has distanced himself from any plans.

“No single body wants to claim this road, it would be deeply unpopular, horrifically expensive to construct and would face interminable delays to get it even to planning stage.

“If you would like to know more about the campaign, see our Facebook page (/SaveStCsPark) and visit the site

“We will continue to fight against this road, and when councillors come knocking at your door for your vote, ask them if they support the destruction of one of the best facilities this side of the capital”



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