Local chef Keith Kenny says it’s like winning the “Ryder Cup of the chef world”.

The head chef and franchise restaurant owner of 19 @ Lucan Golf Club is celebrating after scooping Golf Club Restaurant of the Year in the YesChef Awards.

“We’re delighted as it’s the first time we’ve won anything that big” Keith told Dublin Gazette.

“It’s a great one for us and the village!

“To beat all the big boys is amazing, we’ve won the Ryder Cup of the chef world!”

Originally from Carlow, Keith took over the franchise for 19@Lucan Golf Club 10 years ago.

“The last decade has flown by to be honest, there’s been loads and loads of hard work in that time so I’m delighted for 19 to be recognised as the best in Ireland.”

Keith says the secret behind 19’s success is the great variety in their menu.

“We have a different menu every Friday and Saturday, from seafood to tapas, every single taste and dietary requirement is catered for.

“Anyone can come here and eat, we are open to non members as well as members, so everyone reading this feel free to come down check us out!

“The most surprising thing about all of this is we didn’t even know we were being judged for the award!

“It wasn’t expected because we didn’t even know we were entered!

“A food critic mentioned us to YesChef Magazine and over a period of 6-8 months we had inspectors judging us.

“Seemingly no other golf club in the country came close to us so I’m very proud.”

Speaking following the announcement of this year’s winners Shane Smith, managing director of YesChef Magazine said: “The programme has gone from strength to strength and will continue to grow.

“The concept is simple, to showcase the talent within the culinary world across the island.

“It’s never been about the few Michelin starred restaurants, it’s always been about the majority of chefs who work the pots and pans, sourcing the finest ingredients and making the best of them, to please their diners.

“Our researchers consistently fed back on how service was an equally important element of their dining experience and genuinely impacted on the quality of their visit.”