Frustration as BMX track remains closed

by Ian Begley

Despite the official opening of a state-of-the-art BMX track in St Catherine’s Park, Lucan, it is still not available for public use.
The opening took place on June 28 and was attended by Minister for Health Leo Varadkar but many biking enthusiasts were left disappointed that they could not use the track afterwards.
BMX enthusiast Darrell Walker told The Gazette that it is very frustrating that the track isn’t open to the public during the peak of summer and is concerned over children riding there unsupervised.
He said: “I went to Lucan to use the track recently and there were just signs up saying that the track was closed with no further information. To me that is something that [Fingal Leader Partnership, Fingal County Council and BMX Ireland] could have sorted during the two years of planning.
“Secondly, it’s the height of summer and they should put up proper fences because when I went there were five or six children riding there unsupervised. They’re using it illegally, which means that they’re not insured,” said Walker.
According to a spokesperson from BMX Ireland: “The track will be operated by Lucan BMX club who are still waiting on the council to complete the lease arrangement [and] until that is done the track will remain closed. This could be two weeks or more.
“We are aware that there are a number of trespassers on the track and hope to see an end to that once the track begins operations. All users must be club members and hold a valid Cycling Ireland Licence,” he said.
A council spokesperson told The Gazette that: “The BMX track will be managed by the Lucan BMX club on a not-for-profit basis under licence from Fingal County Council. This is to ensure that all users are properly trained and equipped to use the track safely. The club will also carry out regular inspections and maintenance to make sure the track is up to standard at all times. We expect the track to open for use in the coming weeks once all licence details are in place.”
Members of the public can join Lucan BMX club at or Cycling Ireland at

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