Fears of youth service fund cut

by Gazette Reporter

CUTS to youth services have been described as “generation vandalism” by a south Dublin councillor this week.
Youth services across the country are expecting to find out what, if any, cuts their funding faces within the next week, but Clondalkin councillor Gino Kenny (PBP) hit out at the plans to cut 10% from youth services nationally.
“This is tantamount to death by a thousand cuts,” said Cllr Kenny. “These cuts to essential services in working-class communities, particularly at this time when people need them the most, is short-sighted at the least and, at the most, generation vandalism.
“Not investing in our youth today is failing in our youth tomorrow. Cuts like this affect everybody in the community in which they serve, whether you use these services or not.
“We need to show the Government that communities will resist these cuts.
“This is tantamount to death by a thousand cuts,” said Cllr Kenny.
Vincent Jackson, who works with Clondalkin Youth Service, says that a 10% cut would mean that five years of cuts had cumulatively taken a third of the project’s budget.
He said: “We would be severely affected by a 10% cut, to the point where that money is one-and-a-half jobs.
“We have taken huge cuts over the past five years, and there is nothing left to cut now, other than frontline youth workers.
“This is the fifth year we have been asked to take cuts. No other sector has taken these cuts,” he said.
A spokesperson for the Department of Children and Youth Affairs said that the Minister for Children, Frances Fitzgerald, will examine a spending proposal by City of Dublin Youth Service Board.
“The proposed revised reductions vary from project to project, generally ranging from reductions of 2% to 14%.
“The minister will examine this proposal, which was just received, and will be responding to [the board] in relation to these recommendations very shortly,” said the spokesperson.

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